CoreNGS Rebranding Completion

We are excited to announce that we have done a complete overhaul of the brand! CoreNGS was looking unprofessional, and kind of like a five-year-old made it. We took the time and effort to actually create a proper, good looking, functional website, and even commissioned a brand new logo.

This is the icon, which is a circle with a DNA strand. This imagery was done to represent CoreNGS being the DNA of derivatives, and it is designed to be forked, it is designed to work as the basis of whatever your project or product is.

The typed logo contains the circle with DNA as the "O". The type is designed to be eye catching and professional. The NGS looking sharp and is actually open to use for any derivatives people want to create.
With that said, if we slapped that on to where the logos go on the original website, it would look terrible, so we updated the website too.
The CoreNGS website uses a mix of BULMA and TailwindCSS. The news section is handled by custom JavaScript code to make it a lot easier to manage.

CoreNGS now looks more professional than it ever has, and we are excited to launch the project in the near future. We just gotta wait for FreeBSD 14.0, and modify it for CoreNGS's needs.


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